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Split Systems

Split System Air Conditioning

Split systems are one of the most popular types of air conditioning in Australia and involve the installation of one indoor head unit and one outdoor unit. These are connected by pipes and wires. There are different types of indoor units, the most common being a high wall indoor. There is also ceiling cassettes, floor consoles and bulkhead ducted indoor units.

High Wall Split

The most economical system to cool or heat indoor mounted high on wall.



Floor Mounted Type

Ideal for heating or cooling when limited space for high wall.


Ducted Bulkhead Type

Installed before plastering aesthetically pleasing to any room


Under Ceiling Cassette

Ideal for limited ceiling space provides 4 direction airflow.


Ceiling Cassette

Ideal for limited ceiling space 4 directional airflow.

Split system air conditioning has emerged as one of Australia’s most popular types of air conditioning. In contrast to the traditional bulky air conditioning units, they represent a more visually appealing, streamlined and energy-efficient alternative. So if you’re considering purchasing a new air conditioner, why not opt for a split system air conditioning unit?

How split system air conditioners work

A split system air conditioner involves the installation of two separate parts — an indoor head unit, which cools the room it’s installed in, and an outdoor unit, which vents the heat generated by the cooling process. These two units are connected by a network of pipes and wires and don’t require the extensive ducting network typically associated with traditional air conditioners. As a result, they’re usually much faster and substantially cheaper to install — so you can get your split system air conditioning set up in your home and enjoy the cool comfort much more quickly.

As the indoor head unit doesn’t need to be as large as traditional air conditioning units, manufacturers have also created an array of stylish and sleek looks, which can easily complement your existing (or new) decor.

Why opting for split system air conditioning can save you cash

One of the big benefits of split system air conditioning is that they’re more energy-efficient to run — which translates into lower power bills for you. Additionally, as it’s not necessary to create a network of ducts throughout your home, the installation costs are typically much lower. You can start saving from the very first day that you make your split system air conditioning purchase!

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