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Maintenance and Servicing

Maintenance and Servicing

Airmark Air Conditioning has a new service in addition to our general air conditioning service.

Our Technicians are now equipped with new Hydro pressure cleaners to reduce the cleaning cost when strip cleaning dirty, or with removal of indoor units.

As a result of this new Hydro pressure cleaning service, we have recently changed our pricing structure for general service of domestic air conditioners.

What is included in a general service?

(Manufacturer compliant for terms of warranty).

Indoor unit

  • Clean air filter
  • Spray indoor evaporator with self-rinsing cleaner.
  • Flush condensate drain.
  • Check functions of indoor. Indoor fan motor bushes.
  • Take and record air on and air off temperature.

Outdoor unit

  • Check refrigerant charge.
  • Record running current.
  • Record Air on/ air off temperatures.
  • Hose out condenser coil.
  • Check and record superheat.
  • Report on condition.
  • Check motor operation.
  • Check and tighten electrical connections.