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Maintenance and Servicing

Without the proper care, maintenance and cleaning, your air conditioner could cease working at any time. If this happens to be in the middle of a chilly winter or a blazing hot summer, you may find yourself without a working air con unit when you need it most.

To avoid unexpected surprises, it’s best to hire professionals to give your air conditioner a thorough clean and maintenance check. Under the expert eye of a professional air conditioning technician, your air conditioner unit will receive the proper maintenance it needs to keep performing at its optimal capacity in your home. Generally speaking, you should aim to have your aircon professionally serviced at least once every 12 months, especially if you use your air conditioner frequently throughout the year.

That’s where the professional team at Airmark Air Conditioning comes in. We not only supply and install air conditioning units, but we also provide aircon maintenance in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

What is included in a general air conditioning service?

We offer aircon maintenance services for both indoor and outdoor units. Our highly-skilled professional technicians are able to visit your home and perform a general air conditioning service that can help extend the lifespan of your domestic air con unit. Nothing could be easier than arranging an aircon maintenance service through Airmark Air Conditioning.

Indoor aircon maintenance

The indoor component of your air conditioning unit includes all the parts that are located inside the home. Two of the main ones are the fan and the filters. It is just as important to clean and maintain these indoor components of your air conditioner unit as it is the outdoor parts.

As part of the Airmark Air Conditioning general visit, we include the following services for all indoor air conditioning unit’s calls:

  • Cleaning the air filter
  • Spraying the indoor evaporator with a self-rinsing cleaner
  • Flushing condensate drain
  • Checking functions of indoor fan motor brushes
  • Recording air on and air off temperature

Recently we have also started offering special hydro pressure cleaners. When used to remove indoor units and clean the area, it allows for a faster and less expensive job.

Outdoor aircon maintenance

The outdoor component of your air conditioner is, as the term suggests, the part that sits outside your home. It is often exposed to the natural elements of sun, rain and wind, which can impact its condition. Since this part of the air conditioning unit contains a whole host of important bits and pieces responsible for its smooth and efficient running, regular outdoor aircon maintenance is strongly recommended.

At Airmark Air Conditioning, our general service for outdoor air conditioning units cover all the following:

  • Checking refrigerant charge
  • Recording running current
  • Record ‘air on’ and ‘air off’ temperatures
  • Hos out condenser coil
  • Checking and recording superheat
  • Reporting on condition
  • Checking motor operation
  • Checking and tightening electrical connections

We also offer a new hydro pressure clean for outdoor units. This method is in high demand as it helps reduce the cleaning costs when strip-cleaning dirty outdoor units.

Signs you’re in need of air-con servicing

Regularly scheduled air-con servicing is the key to preventing mechanical breakdowns. While a quick DIY fix might be tempting, we highly recommend you seek support from a professional to resolve the issue correctly, so it doesn’t escalate or lead to worse long term problems. There are tell-tale signs your air conditioner may need a service before its next scheduled maintenance. The main indicators that you need air conditioning maintenance and repairs include:

  1. Lack of cool air — If you notice that the air emitted from your air conditioner isn’t as cold as it usually would be, you might need an air-con servicing. When finding yourself constantly decreasing the temperature more and more, but it’s still not blowing cold air, take action! You could have a damaged compressor, or your refrigerant level might be too low, all things that drive your air-con running costs up.
  2. Insufficient airflow — Are you walking around your living space and not feel the refreshing effects of your air conditioner, even with the windows shut? If you’ve allowed ample time for your air con to circulate and you’re still not noticing a difference throughout your home, you need air conditioning maintenance. You could have a clogged filter, or a duct blocked with dirt and dust. General wear and tear might have reduced your compressor’s efficiency, meaning you’ll need to replace it.
  3. Off-putting smells and funny noises — If you can hear the sound of grinding metal, immediately turn off your air-con to prevent any further damage. Noises such as these indicate a complete system failure may be taking place. The smell of burning could mean a burnt wire, while a musty odour might mean the cold air condensation has formed mould within your ductwork. Keep a lookout for any suspicious noises or strange smells, and undertake an immediate air-con servicing to rectify the issue.
  4. Increased temperature — If, when you touch your unit, you notice an increased temperature, it could be a problem that needs your attention. From a dirty coil, damaged electrical structure, broken motor fan, or a refrigerant leak, leaving it could end up causing greater problems down the road. Do not attempt a DIY fix — call in an expert to get the job done well and safely.
  5. Leaks — Air conditioner refrigerant leaks are particularly problematic for household pets or children. First things first, prevent any kids or pets from making contact with the leaking substance, as it could be potentially dangerous if ingested. If water is dripping from your unit, you likely have a clogged drain tube, leading to long-term issues if ignored.

Keep an eye out for any of these issues and book in air-con servicing as soon as they arise. While you can count on us to resolve all the emerging problems or sudden break-downs, investing in the long-term health of your aircon unit with regular maintenance is a sure way to reduce costs.

Don’t wait — book in a general service today

If you’ve been searching for “air conditioning services near me”, your search is over. Save yourself time and stress by booking a professional service today with Airmark Air Conditioning. Don’t wait for something wrong to happen and have to spend money on unexpected air con maintenance costs then.

To book a general air conditioning service, contact us online or call our Brisbane branch on 07 3490 8696 or our Sunshine Coast branch on 07 5446 8814. And while you’re here, make sure you take a look at our split system specials and ducted system specials for great savings.