Ducted Airconditioning for the Whole House from $7999.00

Multi Systems and VRV / VRF

Multi Split Air Conditioner Systems

Single outdoor unit inverter, Varying capacity according to indoor unit conditions. Piped to a choice of different indoor units. Each indoor unit is piped to outdoor unit. Indoor units can operated at different temperatures and can be individually turned on or off as required. Capacities range from 5kw to 10kw. If you prefer not to outdoor units all around your home this is a great option for your air conditioning system.



VRV or VRF Multi

One of the most efficient ways to aircondition any home or office. Multi units offer better control and more flexibility that central ducted systems. Similar to multi inverter but in a larger scale. One set of interconnecting pipe branches to each indoor unit. A larger variety of indoor unit are available. Capacities range from 10kw – 245kw.