Ducted Airconditioning for the Whole House from $7999.00

Multi Systems and VRV / VRF

Multi Split Air Conditioner Systems

Single outdoor unit inverter, Varying capacity according to indoor unit conditions. Piped to a choice of different indoor units. Each indoor unit is piped to outdoor unit. Indoor units can operated at different temperatures and can be individually turned on or off as required. Capacities range from 5kw to 10kw. If you prefer not to outdoor units all around your home this is a great option for your air conditioning system.



VRV or VRF Multi

One of the most efficient ways to air condition any home or office. Multi VRV units offer better temperature control, are more efficient to operate and offer more flexibility when compared with central ducted systems. Similar to multi inverters  but in a larger scale. One pair of interconnecting refrigerant pipes branch to each indoor unit. A larger variety of indoor air handlers are available to enable each room or zone to be controlled independently, you could have a small in ceiling ducted system for your main living area and individual bulkhead cassette in your bedrooms. Outdoor capacities range from 10kw – 245kw. Residential VRV outdoor units are quite and slimline ideal for residential applications. The addition of the Wi-Fi option enables full control of up to 10 x air handlers or full control via you mobile phone.






In a multi-storey building or house, temperature can vary dramatically between different rooms. Your lounge may be drenched with afternoon sunlight that heats it up for hours, while bedrooms may get chilly far earlier at night. Upstairs rooms can become downright stuffy in the heat of the day, while the kitchen may be lovely and shaded in summer, but tend to become a little too cool during colder months.

With a multi-split air conditioner, you can independently control the temperature of individual rooms and turn separate units on and off. Best of all, each indoor unit conditioner is piped back to a single outdoor unit, saving space and maintaining the aesthetic of your home’s exterior.

What is a multi-split air conditioner

Simply put, a multi-split air conditioner is an efficient mode of cooling or heating an entire home. The system works with multiple interconnecting pipes branching out to service separate rooms, all maintained by the one same system. Unlike other ducted air systems, multi-split air conditioners give you accurate control of the temperature in each space – so there never needs to be an argument about the perfect temperature to sleep in again!

The difference between a VRV system and VRF system

The two main types of multi-split air conditioners are known as VRV and VRF. VRV, or variable refrigerant volume systems, are great for large capacity demands and use technology to reduce energy consumption. VRF systems, also known as variable refrigerant flow systems, may be larger and more complex, but also have a great reputation for reducing energy consumption, and also for producing less noise when in operation.

At Airmark Air Conditioning, we offer both VRV and VRF systems to effectively and affordably cool or heat your home. Our team is on call to consult with you and help you choose the right option for your home and family, no matter what your budget or most pressing air conditioning needs.

Airmark Air Conditioning – service you can trust

As experienced experts in air conditioning home solutions, Airmark air conditioning routinely transforms spaces to become more functional, comfortable and energy efficient. Our local Brisbane and Sunshine Coast specialists are equipped to install, repair and maintain your multi-split air conditioner, giving you fresh, temperate airflow for years to come.

Whether your home has an old system that’s using too much electricity, or you’re investing in air conditioning for the first time, our team can assist you. Get in touch with us today for a detailed quote and advice on how best to improve your home with a multi-split air conditioner.