Ducted Airconditioning for the Whole House from $7999.00

Ducted Systems

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Many people now consider ducted air conditioning to be an important investment in their quality of life and an essential part of their building budget and process. With an attractive and very functional outcome, ducted air is the preferred method of cooling and heating whole homes or large areas that can be split into zones which may be used at different times. Small and attractive outlets are the only visual sign of air conditioning – and the comfort levels are unbeatable. Ask anyone who has ducted air what they think!

Ducted systems can be designed to cool or heat your whole home or zoned so areas(zones) can be isolated when not required.

Ducted systems

Types of Whole Home Systems are

Air Conditioning Units

1-Standard cycling, outdoor units operate on or off to obtain desired temperature.

2-Inverter, outdoor unit varies the speed to obtain temperature this provides more accurate control.

3-ESP (ActronAir only), Outdoor unit varies the speed down as low as 10% capacity, along with the indoor unit airflow automatically adjusting according to zones selected.

Other ducted systems. Bulkhead Ducted- Can be installed in a bulkhead, robe or dropped ceiling to service one area only. These indoor units have low static pressure for min noise.



Zones can be controlled via a separate wall controller or integrated with the manufacturer optional controller. A Zone switches the airflow off to that particular area(zone).

A minimum of zones or outlets needs to operate to circulate required airflow (except ACTRONAIR ESP). This can be achieved by a constant zone (bypass) or setting min zones allowed to be turned off when operating. Temperature is sensed via the return air to the indoor unit and averages the zones on.


Temperature Controlled Zones

Individual zone temperature can be achieved using MYAIR(link to Page) control system , or the Ultima series of ActronAir ESP units.

Temperature Controlled Zones

Ducting Outlets

Air conditioning manufacturers do not supply ductwork grills etc. All flexible duct we provide is min R1 for insulated roof and R1.5 for uninsulated roof, it comes with a 10 year replacement warranty.

Outlets (grills) various types are available depending on the application.

Ducting Outlets