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Ducted Airconditioning for the Whole House from $7999.00

Product Pricing

Product Pricing

Every home is different, and there are many factors that determine which air conditioner is best for you. To get an air conditioning system tailor made for your individual needs, contact our office to have one of our one of our experienced staff  help with  preparing free designs and advise.

Ducted systems
-Prices can range from $6000 to $25000.
-Your average four bedroom low set homes can range from $7900 to $16000.

Multi split system Prices
-The cost of multi split systems are usually more expensive than using multiple individual split systems, but have the advantage of using one outdoor unit which can operate as many indoor units as required.
-Multi splits require quoting on an individual bases.

Wall hung split systems

Prices include standard installation by Airmark, which include the following:

  • Supply and installation of the air conditioner
  • 4 meter distance between indoor and outdoor unit
  • electrical circuit, 20 meter distance from the outdoor unit to the switchboard
  • Plinth for outdoor unit to sit on.
  • Cover duct (UV rated) to protect pipework and wire connecting indoor and outdoor unit

Alternatively, one of our technicians can visit you on-site to get an accurate picture of your requirements.

Supply and installed prices including electrical circuit.

Measure the floor area of the room you require air conditioned in square metres.


ROOM SIZE: 9sqmtrs – 19sqmtrs
Make Rating Regular Price Sale Price
Daikin Cora 2kw $1799 $1649
Daikin Cora 2.5kw $1899 $1769
Daikin L series 2kw $1699 $1649
Daikin L series 2.5kw $1799 $1699
2.5kw $1570
Hitachi E series 2.5kw $1649 $1549
Hitachi S series 2.5kw $1749 $1649
Mitsubishi Electric 2.5kw $1739
Fujitsu 2.5kw $1699
ROOM SIZE: 15sqmtrs – 27sqmtrs
Make Rating Regular Price Sale Price
Daikin L series 3.5kw $1999 $1899
Daikin Cora 3.5kw $2099 $1999
ActronAir 3.5kw $1760
Hitachi E series 3.5kw $1899 $1729
Hitachi S series 3.5kw $1999 $1829
Fujitsu 3.5kw $1879
Mitsubishi Electric 3.5kw $1899
ROOM SIZE: 20sqmtrs – 38sqmtrs
Make Rating Regular Price Sale Price
Daikin L series 4.6kw $2379 $2239
Daikin Cora 4.6kw $2479 $2375
Daikin L series 5kw $2579 $2399
Daikin Cora 5kw $2679 $2530
ActronAir 5kw $2180
Hitachi E series 5kw $2279 $2135
Hitachi S series 5kw $2379 $2275
Fujitsu 5kw $2375
Mitsubishi Electric 4.2kw $2220
Mitsubishi Electric 5kw $2420
ROOM SIZE: 33sqmtrs – 46sqmtrs
Make Rating Regular Price Sale Price
Daikin FTXS60L 6kw $2749 $2599
Daikin Cora 6kw $2849 $2749
Hitachi E series 6kw $2599 $2319
Hitachi S series 6kw $2699 $2459
Mitsubishi Electric 6kw $2649
Fujitsu 6kw $2599
ROOM SIZE: 40sqmtrs – 55sqmtrs
Make Rating Regular Price Sale Price
Daikin L series 7.1kw $2990 $2820
Daikin Cora 7.1kw $3099 $2960
ActronAir 7.1kw $2549
Hitachi E series 7.1kw $2690 $2488
Hitachi S series
7.1kw $2790 $2690
Fujitsu 7.1kw $2699
Mitsubishi Electric 7.1kw $2799
ROOM SIZE: 50sqmtrs – 65sqmtrs
Make Rating Regular Price Sale Price
Daikin L series 8.6kw $3599 $3199
Daikin CORA 8.5kw $3699
ActronAir 8kw $2799
Hitachi E series 8kw $2999
Hitachi S series 8kw $3199
Mitsubishi Electric 8kw $3249
Fujitsu 8kw $3399
ROOM SIZE: 60sqmtrs – 75sqmtrs
Make Rating Regular Price Sale Price
Daikin L series 9.5Kw $3999
Daikin Cora 9.4kw $4199 $3999
Fujitsu 9.2kw $3799
Description Quantity Regular Price Sale Price
Extra interconnect
Over standard
1 meter
Wall Bracket 1 $30
Wall Bracket
1 $80
Indoor condensate
1 $550
Annual service 1 $90 Plus service call