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Commercial Systems

Commercial Air Conditioning

At Airmark Air Conditioning, we are can design a commercial or industrial system to cater for your business’ cooling, heating and ventilation needs. Not only will we supply and install a system that suits your long-term requirements for comfort, efficiency and price, but we will service and maintain your system for many years to come. Upgrading your system can half your power consumption.


We engineer, supply and install the following Commercial Systems

VRV- variable refrigerant system.

VRF- Variable airflow systems.

Split package systems.

Roof top Package systems.

Replacement systems can be custom made to suit any application.

LOSSNAY Energy Recovery Systems

As accredited agents for companies such as Daikin and ActronAir, we are able to back up our service with warranties to give you peace of mind and part availability that is second to none. Daikin and ActronAir have a 5 year commercial warranty, which assures you of company support in the current market.

We have an excellent scheduled maintenance program which can alert you automatically when service is due and cost-efficient maintenance contract.