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Specials/Ducted – Ducted Airconditioning  for the Whole House starting from $7999.00

Ducted systems are custom designed to your requirements and engineered to the required heat loads and air flows of each area (zone). All homes are different, and these ducted air conditioning prices are estimated, so they may not accurately reflect the price of the whole service. For a more accurate estimate, you can forward your floor plans or book an appointment for a site inspection.

The following ducted air conditioning prices in Brisbane include the supply and installation for single-storey homes under construction or existing homes. The cost of electrical contractors is not included in the price.


Daikin 12.5kw ducted inverter reverse cycle- $10999

The Daikin 12.5 KW ducted inverter reverse cycle air conditioner is an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking for a compact and efficient air conditioning solution. The air conditioner is engineered to fit into tight roof spaces, making it an ideal choice for modern homes. Here are some of the standout features of the Daikin 12.5 KW ducted inverter reverse cycle:

  • Improved energy efficiency that’s achieved through the use of a DC fan motor, cross-pass heat exchanger and increased outdoor coil passes.
  • Ultra-compact design that allows it to fit comfortably into the tight roof space of a modern home.
  • Night quiet mode, which reduces outdoor noise levels during sleeping hours and automatically resumes normal operations in the morning.

The Daikin 12.5 KW ducted inverter reverse cycle also comes with:

  • Wired wall controller and zone controller
  • 8 x supply outlets
  • 6 x On/Off zones
  • 1 filtered return Air grill.
  • Installation and commissioning Manufacturer five years parts and labour warranty


Hitachi 16kw ducted inverter reverse cycle- $12399

The Hitachi 16kw ducted inverter reverse cycle air conditioner is a top-of-the-line product designed for year-round indoor climate control. It offers superior cooling and heating performance for both modest homes and professional offices. Here are some of the standout features of the Hitachi 16kw ducted inverter reverse cycle air conditioner:

  • Space-saving and separable design, which makes installation and maintenance easier, particularly in limited roof spaces.
  • It runs at whisper-quiet noise, making it perfect for spaces where quiet operation is essential, like classrooms and offices.
  • An Eco Mode option that efficiently delivers a slightly reduced temperature to help keep energy consumption to a minimum.

The Hitachi 16kw ducted inverter reverse cycle also comes with:

  • Wired wall controller and zone controller
  • 8 x supply outlets
  • 6 x On/Off zones
  • 1 filtered return Air grill.
  • Installation and commissioning Manufacturer five years parts and labour warranty



Who said heating and cooling multiple rooms in a home or commercial building had to be expensive? From Daikin to Hitachi ducted air conditioning solutions and many more well-renowned brands, Airmark Air Conditioning has a wide collection of top of the range ducted air conditioning units at amazing prices. If you’re looking for cheap ducted air conditioning, look no further than our outstanding air conditioning deals online.

Keep your entire building cool with cheap ducted air conditioning

As one of the most popular and preferred ways of keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, ducted air conditioning solutions distribute air through a series of subtle vents in the ceiling. Unlike split air conditioning solutions, ducted air conditioning systems are virtually invisible, which means they are visually more aesthetic and make decorating rooms a breeze. While these solutions are most common in large properties like offices and shopping centres, they are becoming increasingly common in homes, due to their energy efficiency and long-term cost benefits.

Ducted air conditioning systems come in two types: single-zone and multi-zone systems.

  • Single-zone systems — Designed to cool or heat a single room or zone. They typically have one thermostat, and the temperature in the zone can be easily controlled. What makes them a great choice is their simplicity and easy installation and maintenance.
  • Multi-zone systems — Can cool or heat multiple rooms or zones. They have multiple thermostats and ducts, which allow for individual temperature control in each zone. Due to their greater flexibility and control, they are ideal for larger homes or buildings with multiple rooms.

Ducted air conditioning units easy installation and maintenance

The installation process for ducted air conditioning systems begins with designing the layout, selecting the equipment, installing the ductwork, positioning the indoor and outdoor units and connecting the electrical and refrigerant lines. Proper installation is essential to ensure efficient operation and optimal cooling performance.

To maintain and care for the system, it’s important to regularly clean the air filters and ducts, check for leaks in the ductwork and schedule annual professional maintenance to ensure the system is running at its best. Doing so helps extend the life of the system and can prevent costly repairs.

Cheap ducted air conditioning units and installation

Complex heating and cooling systems, like ducted air conditioning solutions, can cost up to $12,000 in total — depending on the manufacturer of the system. But now, you can enjoy our reduced ducted air conditioning deals with installation included in the price. From identifying the best air conditioning solution for your property to efficient and clean installation, right to ongoing maintenance of your units, our team of expert air conditioning technicians will provide you with professional service all the way through — an all-around good deal!

More about Airmark Air Conditioning

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At Airmark Air Conditioning, we understand that all homes are different, which is why we strive to provide our customers with unbeatable ducted air conditioning prices and plans that can be customised based on their unique floor plan or an onsite inspection. Whether you prefer to keep your entire home or building at a specific temperature or want to isolate specific areas and close off other rooms, our high-quality ducted units from reputable brands are a highly versatile air conditioning solution.

If you’re looking for competitive ducted air conditioning prices in Brisbane and want to put your trust in a reliable air conditioning shop, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Browse our range of cheap ducted air conditioning online or contact us for more information today.